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Friday, March 26, 2010


my boys are sitting on the curb together under the mailbox now, waiting for Christopher's friend to pick him up to spend the night. Gabriel is having such a hard time knowing that he can not go. they look so sweet out there just talking, letting the breeze blow their hair. i would love to keep that moment frozen in time, or at least for a good long while. those two are inseparable so it is so hard when one does something on their own. my dream is for my two sons to stay close throughout all their lives, sharing joys and sadness, supporting and encouraging each other, and always having the other one to love. yes, they are only 8 & 6, but that is a mother's wish. especially when they are fighting, name calling, hitting, teasing, and all those other brother stuff. well, they are up, chasing each other now, chasing cars, destroying flower petals, doing kung fu kicks at each other's faces. Okay everyone, no worries, things are back to normal.

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